Watchword Technique

Aiming to explore our own personal understanding of our practice, we used a psychological approach called the Watchword Technique, which focuses on word association. Looks pretty basic as its merely just a number of boxes to input words and link them together, but actively contemplating which were neccessary to communicate my work lead me to a strange emotional response that I was not expecting to feel. It took me about 20 minuits to complete this as choosing one ‘thing’ to embody a multitude of avenues you hold in your practice was difficult to say the least. I ended up with some bizzare accossiations (cough, piglet, cough) things that would only make sense in my head, and some even I couldn’t comprehend how they got there, yet just worked.

Skeptical of psychological  readings (as half the time im not even sure whats going on in my own head) I didn’t expect to gain so much from such a simple excersise. It lay bare everything I wanted to say in a simple format that not only set me on a focused path but will no doubt be a great referencing tool for whenever I feel lost.  Allowing yourself to think about your practice in its simplist terms gives you licesnse to understand it deeper and rule over it. I see why I am attracted to colours, to concepts, to textures and how they stem off one another to form a whole collective that is me.